Yang Style "Tai Chi for Health" with Master in Residence, Terry Dunn

Yang Style "Tai Chi for Health" with Master in Residence, Terry Dunn

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Course Number:WKS 3303 E1


10 meetings, Sundays, 2/4 - 4/8/18


1:30 - 3:00pm


Eastover Estate and Retreat, 430 East Street, Lenox, MA 01240


Master in Residence, Terry Dunn
Master Dunn teaches teh 60-posture Yang Style Tai Chi "Form" created by the renouwned Grandmaster William C.C. Chen.  He has been studying this style of Tai Chi since 1980.  Each class begins with 30 minutes of Terry's custom-tailored warm-up and conditioning routine consisting of varying selections from more than 120 Tai Chi and Kung Fu warm-up exercises he has acquired over his 44-year career in the Chinese Martial Arts. The remainder of the class will consist of clear, step-by-step instruction in the postures and transitions of Yang Sytle Tai Chi.  Each class closes with the practice of a rare Tai Chi-Qigong exercise.  Intermediate students will also learn Push-hands (Tui shou) during this course. Students are encouraged to practice to the DVDs, Tai Chi for Health, Short Form and TCFH, Long Form - created by Master Dunn in 1989 - prior to and during the course.  They are available at taichimania.com.

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