Writing for Blogs & Social Media

Writing for Blogs & Social Media

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Course Number:WKS-FA17 9124 E1


5 meetings, Tues., 10/17-11/14,




Location: Hawthorne Hall, Room 109, BCC's Main Campus, Pittsfield


Instructor: Robin Catalano, Consultant
You've got talent, ambition, writing skills, and great ideas. You enjoy working on your own, and you're not afraid to learn new technology. If you love the idea of running a blog but don't know how to create one that will stand out in the overcrowded blogosphere, this 6-week workshop will help you zip past zero. Learn how to develop a blog with an authentic voice, use visuals to support your narrative storytelling, engage in conversations with your audience, and maximize opportunities through and cross-promote on social media, build an audience, develop an editorial calendar, and more. As this is a writing and marketing class, blog setup is not part of the curriculum. Students should working knowledge of theri laptop/device and how to install software on it.

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