The Business of Gardening (AH)

The Business of Gardening (AH)

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3 meetings, Fri., 11/02-11/16




Berkshire Botanical Garden, 5 West Stockbridge Road, Stockbridge, MA


Craig Okerstrom-Lang, A.S.L.A.
This course is a must for those working or planning to work professionally in the field of horticulture. Participants will learn how to write a simple business plan, understand a team approach using subcontractors, leasing equipment, bidding out materials and plant materials to a business advantage. Also, general ways to organize a business, from sole proprietor to incorporation (S-Corp, Inc, LLC) and the legal deductions it is allowed. Learn the industry standards for markups on materials and labor, what the going rate is to charge clients, and how to cost-estimate projects. Students will complete a cost estimate for a residential project - start to finish. The focus will be how to best prepare yourself to run your own business and how to make a profit.

Qualifies for Advanced Horticulture (AH) Advanced Certificate

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