The Basics of Wine Service

The Basics of Wine Service

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Want to look like a pro when you serve wine or champagne? The Basics of Wine Service will teach bartenders, servers and wine lovers how to open a bottle of wine or champagne, how wine is produced, proper glassware use, the varieties of wine and more background on wine, champagne, grapes and service. You will take 1 test, with a score of 75% or above required to pass and receive your Wine Service Certificate.

About Bar Professional
What sets these courses apart from others is that Bar Professional has developed formulas and techniques to help you learn the overwhelming amount of information bar professional must know.  The Master Code of Mixology™ is Bar Professional’s branded method of instruction setting standards for the bar industry.

Designed to be comprehensive and easy to learn, you will be a respected professional, as long as you put the time in to study the material.  Bar Professional has created a step-by-step formula for bartender training using the most up-to-date methods of instruction in your own home.  Follow along with your online instructor as you work hands-on to complete the exercises, activities, and drills.

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