Testing Plastics Materials...Principles and Analysis

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Course Number:WKS-SP16 1667 E3

1 meeting, Fri., 04/22

8:00am - 4:00pm

Location: Conte Federal Building, 78 Center Street, Pittsfield, Room 106

Instructor: Stephen Driscoll, Consultant
Seminar Overview: 
ASTM D20 Committee on Plastics supports more than 800 protocols that have been authored, vetted, periodically reviewed, and conscientiously maintained in order to provide a universal platform for evaluating polymeric materials and products. D20 is a balanced committee comprised of material suppliers, users, and representatives of general interest cohorts…all working together to ensure the availability and relevance of testing and performance standards. 

This one-day seminar, sponsored by the Berkshire Innovation Center, will review: 
• Development of an ASTM standard 
• ASTM & ISO relationship 
• Representative ASTM standards 
o Mechanical properties: 
 Tensile, Flexural, Hardness, Creep, and Impact 
o Thermal properties: 
 DTUL, Tg, and Flammability o Rheological 
 Solution techniques 
 Torque rheometry 
 Melt viscosity 
• Melt Index/Melt Flow Rate 
• Capillary 
• Cone & Plate and Parallel Plate 
 Solid properties 
• Dynamic mechanical behavior 
• Available resources for trouble shooting 

Who should attend this seminar: 
• Quality control personnel 
• Technical Sales and Support staff dealing with customer QC concerns 
• Purchasing agents…personnel reviewing competitive products, resin grades, commercial compounds 
• Design engineers…interpreting material suppliers’ data sheets