Square Meals

Square Meals

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Course Number:WKS-FA17 2440 E1


3 meetings, Sat., 09/30-10/28,




Location: Susan B. Anthony, G7, BCC's Main Campus, Pittsfield, MA


Instructor: Lynn Sunderland, Consultant
Grocery shopping for a small household can be frustrating. We forgo luxury items, favorite foods, and fresh vegetables, simply because the package is too big; or we end up wasting both food and money. We are going to help solve that problem with our new series of classes. Part Blue Apron, part cooking class, we'll prepare specialty entrees in class to take home, prep salad, soup or sandwich kits and divvy up items to go: artisan breads, imported cheeses, and more. Class meets every 2 weeks, each session spotlighting popular ethnic dishes - Italian, French and Mexican. Final menus will be based on what's on special at local markets, and will be emailed to students the week before each class. Sign up for the series at a discount, or come to any individual class.

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