Setting Up Your Oral History Project Wor

Setting Up Your Oral History Project Wor

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1 meeting, Wed., 03/21




Location: South County Center, 343 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA*


Instructor: Margaret Cherin
This workshop will help you to set up your oral history project for a successful outcome most people begin their projects by scheduling interviews because they are the centerpiece of the project, however it is the pre and post-interview work that will take up the majority of your time. Creating a comprehensive workflow plan will help you to keep your project on track. Bard College at Simon's Rock Archivist Margaret Cherin will explain the workflow for her institutional oral history project, share what she learned while developing a spreadsheet to track the interview and transcription process, as well as a spreadsheet to track the digital file metadata and storage. We will look at helpful questions to ask your organization BEFORE you start your interviews. We will consider different project goals (transcripts, audio files, video files, storage, accessibility, etc.) and how that will impact your workflow. Participation in this workshop requires no prior experience with oral history or spreadsheets.

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