Self-Hypnosis Techniques for Weight Control

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Course Number:FA24 2113-2

3 Meetings, Wednesdays, 11/6 - 11/20

5 - 7pm

BCC Main Campus, Room G12

Myla Bloom, Consultant
Learn to focus and motivate yourself through self-hypnosisThis introductory workshop on hypnosis techniques for weight control will be broken into four segments1) Never Say DIET again. 2) Understanding DEFAULT MODES and how they affect our everyday actions. 3) Learn to write and program in a POSITIVE ACTION STATEMENT. This teaches us how to reframe our words and reprogram our old habits. 4) Learn how to successfully use an IDEOMOTOR RESPONSE to create and access your subconscious mind and re-wire your old programming.   Through guided meditation using hypnosis and your positive action statement, learn the techniques that will help you to begin your successful journey to weight control.