Meet the Publisher - Get Your Manuscript Critiqued

Meet the Publisher - Get Your Manuscript Critiqued

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1 meeting, Tues., 10/16




Hawthorne Hall, Room 109, BCC's Main Campus, Pittsfield, MA


Lee Anne Krusemark, Consultant
Bring your in-progress manuscript for an in-class critique of one page of your poetry, article, short story, novel, non-fiction, etc. Having already learned about traditional publishing (participants must have attended 'Beginner's Guide to Getting Published'), you will then learn about the pros and cons of self publishing options, including Print On Demand. You may leave a COPY of your manuscript with the instructor for a professional critique (for an optional materials fee of $50 for up to 25 double-spaced pages + $1/page thereafter) and a list of publishers and/or agents who are interested in your type of work. A mandatory $10 materials fee is payable to the instructor.

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