Introduction to Suas (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Or Drone

Introduction to Suas (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Or Drone

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3 meetings, Sat., 10/13-10/27




Susan B. Anthony, G11 (Cafeteria), BCC's Main Campus, Pittsfield, MA


This comprehensive 18-hour course is designed to take students with little or no drone flight experience and progress them all the way through preparing for the remote pilot commercial certification test that is given separately by Federal Aviation Testing Centers. Also covered in the instruction is multiple types of drone systems, use application, legal issues, maintenance, and FAA regulations, in addition to piloting skills and safety best practices. Hands-on flight training is a key component of the course. The uniquely created methodology begins with all flight training done indoors in order to provide an environment where students can become proficient at basic maneuvers before moving outdoors where natural and weather elements become a factor. Course materials (drone with camera, flight simulator, controller and workbook) are included in the program.

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