Introduction to Ba Gua Zhang

Introduction to Ba Gua Zhang

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1 meeting, Friday, 5/11


7:30 -pm - 9:30pm


Eastover Estate & Retreat


430 East Street, Lenox, MA 01240

Wellness Workshop Sampler    


 Ba Gua Zhang (Pakua Chang) is an exquisitely beautiful and powerfully effective Chinese internal martial art that emphasizes spiral movements, graceful footwork, and whole-body energetic connection.  The regular practice of Ba Gua Zhang develops grace, flexibility, agility, internal power, and a calm, focused mind.  Few teachers are able to impart its mysteries quite so effectively as Master Yang Fukui, as he joyfully shares the deep principles he learned from his grandfather and great-granduncle.  This workshop takes it back to basics, from body mechanics to energy cultivation, to moving meditation.  It's open to all levels and will provide a good foundation for continued study and solo practice.


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