Internal Martial Arts: Qigong for Health

Internal Martial Arts: Qigong for Health

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7 meetings, Sat., 02/16-03/30




Eastover Estate & Retreat, 430 East Street, Lenox, MA


Master Rengeng Wang
Introduction to principles of Dachengquan, Tai Chi and Qigong to fortify the life force of the body and promote health and wellness. Gentle exercises stimulate the flow of Qi throughout the meridians of the body. After warm up, students engage in standing meditation known as Zhan Zhuang to store energy. Once sufficient Qi is stored, the student can engage in Shili, or testing strength. When deficiencies in the posture have been corrected, the student can utilize Zhoubu, which is stepping technique. Students with prior training may advance to Fali, expressing force; Shisheng, using sounds; Tui Shou, pushing hands; and San Shou, free fighting. Rengeng Wang is considered the world's leading expert of the Praying Mantis Two-Handed Sword. He's president of International Dachengdao and a certifying master of the International Kung Fu Federation. Master Wang trains stunt fighters for movies and is the NY State Director of the World Stunt Association. His short film, 'The Lesson' has won several Indie Festival awards.

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