Intermediate Photoshop

Intermediate Photoshop

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Course Number:WKS-FA17 239 C1


4 meetings, Tues., 11/14 - 12/05




Location: South County Center, Room S4, Great Barrington, MA


Instructor: Jane McWhorter, Graphic Designer/Photographer
This thorough and detailed workshop is the next stage after Beginning Photoshop. Students will further their knowledge of image construction, manipulation, retouching and collage techniques. Included is the instruction for the shooting and processing of 'Camera Raw' images, panaramas, and high desity range (HDRs). a variety of topics will be covered, including printing, selection techniques, text tools, paths, blending modes, and coloring black & white drawings and photographs. Prerequisite of Beginning Adobe Photoshop or permission of the instructor.

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