Hovercraft - Design Your Own Vehicle

Hovercraft - Design Your Own Vehicle

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Course Number:WKS-SU18 4626 E1


5 meetings, Mon.-Fri., 08/06-08/10




Location: R. Hoffmann Environmental Ctr, Room 102, BCC's Main Campus, Pittsfield


Instructor: Sciensational Workshop
Do you want to design and build things that you create- not just a model you purchase? Well this is the place for you. Build and keep an air powered Hover Craft. You make it defy gravity. Once it's up and moving, then using your creativity, control its direction. Get to build and take home your own car. The purpose is to build a super car powered by more than one source of energy. This can be one crazy looking vehicle. We provide you with many materials for that dynamic vehicle that you will build. Also get to build an Egg Drop Car. The purpose is to build a gravity vehicle that can cushion a raw egg as the car holding the egg is dropped from a high height. We provide you with the material to cushion the fall. You have to be creative. In these three challenges in one workshop, you will learn about Laws of Motion, Energy, Air Pressure, Friction, Lift, Speed and Acceleration. You are never to young to learn and have fun in a Sciensational hands on way. Ages 6 - 11

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