Hormones, Health and Love:  Helping Couples Remain Intimate in Mid-lifeand Beyond
Hormones, Health and Love

Hormones, Health and Love: Helping Couples Remain Intimate in Mid-lifeand Beyond

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1 meeting, Friday, 10/19


8:30am - 12:15pm


BCC's Main Campus, Susan B. Anthony Center, Room G12


Evelyn Resh, CNM, MPH, CSC, MSN
Hormonal changes, health issues, and satisfying intimate relationships challenge all long-term couples at some point.  However, mid-life is often the starting point, especially when we consider the sweeping changes brought on my menopause.  In addition, "manopause" can impact individuals and couples as well and is poorly defined, considered, or even mentioned by clients, couples or other health care providers.
This workshop is designed for mental health practitioners and others who counsel same and/or opposite sex couples who are in mid-life and beyond.  The focus will be two-fold; first, to define the most common physiologic changes and challenges faced by men and women in their 50's, 60's, and early 70's and second, how these health challenges commonly effect individuals and couples as their contact with and dependence on health care systems and providers increases. Special attention will be paid to how shifts in health status and treatments for morbid conditions can and do affect self-image and sexual intimacy. Emphasis will be placed on how to help clients adopt health-seeking behaviors that will facilitate a greater sense of empowerment versus infirmity in their intimate relationships as they age, feel more liberated to adopt new and appropriate expectations for sexual satisfaction, and increase their literacy regarding sexuality and aging.

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