Gluten Free All Day

Gluten Free All Day

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Course Number:WKS-FA18 2318 E1


3 meetings, Wed., 10/10-10/24




Susan B. Anthony, G7, BCC's Main Campus, Pittsfield, MA


Louise Massion, Consultant
This is a 3-part workshop that will discuss cooking and eating for a gluten free lifestyle. Part 1 will cover breakfast foods. Part 2 will focus on lunch. And Part 3 will cover some delicious gluten free dinner meals. This course is designed for people who have Celiacs Disease, any variation of gluten intolerances, individuals making a healthy lifestyle choice, and friends and family members. This course will not only provide substitution ideas, but will also open students' depth of food. The instructor has been living a gluten free lifestyle for three years.

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