Follow Me Robot

Follow Me Robot

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Course Number:WKS-SU18 4627 E1


5 meetings, Mon.-Fri., 08/13-08/17




Location: R. Hoffmann Environmental Ctr, Room 102, BCC's Main Campus, Pittsfield


Instructor: Sciensational Workshop
How would you like to build a robot that has four built-in microphones? It will detect the sound source and in turn it will move and turn accordingly. It is your own robot to build and take home. Wow! It starts flashing and plays Do-Re-Me. Make it move the way you want it to move. It is so smart. It will move in its own routine if it does not get a signal in 1 minute. It will go to sleep if you do not issue any commands in 90 seconds. However, you can wake it up. Learn about the different gears and sensors as you build it. Get to build other robots working in groups. Join in our Sumo wrestling and obstacle course events with what you have built. See everything happening as you build. That's the Sciensational way! Ages 7 - 12

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