Flying Phoenix Qigong with Master in Residence, Terry Dunn

Flying Phoenix Qigong with Master in Residence, Terry Dunn

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Course Number:WKS 3302 E1


10 meetings, Sundays, 10/15 - 12/17/17


4:00 - 5:30pm


Eastover Estate and Retreat, 430 East Street, Lenox, MA 01240


Master in Residence, Terry Dunn
Master Terry Dunn teaches the remarkable Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Meditations of Ehrmei Mountain (Flying Phoenix Qigong for short), an authentic monastic Qigong system created in 1644 by Taoist Sage Feng Tao Teh. Flying Phoenix Qigong is extremely fast-acting and imparts immediate, tangibly energizing and rejuvenating effects. Easier to learn and practice than Tai Chi. Master Dunn is the sole seventh generation preserver and teacher of this energy art in the world. During this course, you will learn all the Qigong exercises in Volumes 1 through 4 of his best-selling Chi Kung For Health dvd series.  Students are encouraged to use these DVDs as a clear reference and guide throughout the course.  Note:  Taoist Elixir Method Qigong is a completely different practice, but one that acts as a stabillizing catalyst for Flying Phoenix.  While it is not required, students are encouraged to take both of these arts. 

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