Chen-Style Taiji

Chen-Style Taiji

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6 meetings, Sun., 06/17-07/22




Location: Eastover Estate & Retreat, 430 East Street, Lenox, MA


Instructor: Greg DiLisio, L.Ac.
Come and learn Chen-style Taiji: an energy cultivation practice including dynamic movement like a great river, stillness like a mountain, agility training, and meditation. 30 Silk-Reeling exercises will be your foundation to enliven the easy-to-learn Evidence-Based Taiji 7 form. Whether you are interested in traditional martial arts training, or simply want to move, de-stress, and get healthier, you will enjoy this unique combination of exercises. Absolute beginners and long-time practitioners benefit equally as Greg shares traditional, foundational practices absent in many Westernized forms of Taiji. These practices are fundamental if you want to nurture your energy as well as enhance your physical wellbeing, moving all the while, with efficiency, power & grace. The Chinese saying, 'With your whole being, develop your life.' sums up the ultimate purpose of Taiji. Greg DeLisio trained in this comprehensive and traditional style Taiji, wtih Master Yang Yang, a 19th generation Master in the lineage of the late Grandmaster Feng Zhijiang. He is a certified teacher of Yang's Evidenced-Based Taiji curriculum and continues to be mentored in 48 Form, Pao Cui and Sabre Form with him. Trained in Yang Style Taiji as well, Greg has taught thousands of students at Kripalu, Canyon Ranch, and internationally since 1990.

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