Breathe Your Way Into Life-Altering Experiences

Breathe Your Way Into Life-Altering Experiences

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5 meetings, Thurs., 10/11-11/08




Hawthorne Hall, Room 108, BCC's Main Campus, Pittsfield, MA


Carol Pedigree, Consultant
Are you feeling anxious or depressed? Do you have cardiac issues or high blood pressure? Are you finding yourself susceptible to depression? Do you have neck or shoulder pain, migraine headaches or sleepless nights? If you are experiencing any of the above, you are most likely a chest or mouth breather, holding your breath or simply breathing too fast. Your nervous system is unbalanced, always in a fight or flight mode and you find it difficult to relax. You can help yourself and even eliminate most of these symptoms by breathing slow and deep from the diaphragm. For your emotional and physical health, come to this class and learn how correct breathing will bring healing oxygen into your blood and how valuable carbon dioxide is to the vascular system. 

Recommended book: The Healing Power of the Breath by Dr. Richard Brown, MD and Patricia Gerbarg, MD.

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