Breathe Your Way Into Life Altering Experiences

Breathe Your Way Into Life Altering Experiences

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Course Number:WKS-SU17 772 E1


5 meetings, Tues., 06/06-07/11, (no class 07/04)




Location: Hawthorne Hall, Room 104, BCC's Main Campus, Pittsfield


Instructor: Carol Pedigree, Consultant
Are you breathing too fast? Do you hold your breath? Do you breathe from the chest or mouth? If so, your body is in a continuous mode of nervous anxiety and hormonal imbalance. Heart disease and high blood pressure, depression, sleeplessness are only a few diseases caused by shallow breathing. Taking this class will change your life. The way you breath is connected to your nervous system and the way you think. Learn about the diaphragm. Learn about the Autonomic Nervous System. Learn about neurotransmitters. Learn how the way we think and breathe control every function of the body. Learn how to bring an abundance of oxygen into your blood calming your mind/body. We address how trauma and emotional stress are maintained in the movement or inhibition of Breath. The value of inner sounding for pain will also be explored.

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