Breathe Your Health

Breathe Your Health

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5 meetings, Wed., 04/24-05/22




Hawthorne Hall, Room 110, BCC's Main Campus, Pittsfield


Carol Pedigree, Consultant
This class will focus on Breath-Body-Mind. Breathing correctly is your most crucial and immediate source of energy. It dramatically changes how your nervous system works. We will learn how your in-breath, the stress system, the action and inhibition sympathetic part, is counter-balanced by the out-breath, the re-charging, soothing, healing and social bonding, the parasympathetic part. Breathing correctly enables you to regulate all these systems. If you think you are a mouth or chest breather and/or are breathing too fast, (5-8 breathes per minute is the norm) most of your day is lived in stress mode, (high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, headaches, etc.). When you change the breathing, you turn on the re-charging, healing, anti-inflammatory, social bonding system. Come, learn how breathing correctly will improve your chances of living healthier, happier and longer.

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