Beginning Film Production I

Beginning Film Production I

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8 meetings, Wed., 02/07-04/11




Location: Melville Hall, Room 403, BCC's Main Campus, Pittsfield, MA


Instructor: Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative Staff
In collaboration with Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative, this introduction to film and video production provides a foundation in the principles, techniques and equipment involved in video production, from script to final edit. Students write, produce, direct, and edit individual short projects and participate in group projects. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to understand the basics of narrative, scripting, camera operation, direction, lighting, sound, and non-linear editing; demonstrate proficiency in camera operation including framing, exposure, focus and movement; demonstrate competency in non-linear editing software/ and use the terminology of video production/post-production competently. Students will need a digital camera, which can be anything from a smart phone to a camcorder to a DSLR. If you do not have access to a camera, you may discuss alternatives with your instructor such as using archival footage. PC's will be used, however, students may also use their own computers and software.

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