Beginning Digital Photography

Beginning Digital Photography

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Course Number:SP19-WKS 1255 C1


4 meetings, Wed., 01/30-02/20




South County Center, 343 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA


Jane McWhorter, Graphic Designer/Photographer
Students must have cameras with available settings other than AUTO (ex. AV, S or TV, M). No iPhones. Learn how to use all aspects of your digital camera to explore the creative photographic process. This workshop will teach you how to take control of your photography with the understanding and use of aperture, shutter speed, exposure, filters, lenses, ISO and composition. You will learn the techniques necessary for creating expressive photographs. Students will be expected to put their photos on a flashdrive and bring them to each class for viewing and discussion. Be sure to bring your camera and camera manual to class.

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